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Teton Medical Group offers a wide array of services and options.  We welcome patients of all ages to our clinic.  We provide prompt, courteous care.  We have very short wait times and answer calls personally.  We take pride in our customer service.  Following are the services we offer for you and your family, all under one roof.

Pediatrics:  We understand children don't always get sick between 9 and 5.  Dr. Jones answers all calls and provides after hours services as needed to prevent long, expensive ER visits.  Well Child-We provide all State Vaccines in our office as well as monitor for childhood disorders, growth and development. 
---Newborn exams, Well Child Checks, Asthma Management, Immunizations, Chronic Disease Management, Sports Physicals, Missionary Exams.

Obstetrics:  We offer complete prenatal care, delivery, and post partum care.  Including prenatal labs, fetal non-stress tests, and routine monitoring for pregnancy related complications.  We believe in providing comfortable compassionate care.  You will see Dr. Jones at each visit and be delivered by him at Madison Memorial Hospital. 
---Prenatal Care, Labor Management, Deliveries, Full Hospital Care

Internal Medicine:   We provide age specific complete physicals, adult vacccinations; including flu, pneumonia, shingles and tetanus.  We also offer cancer screenings and chronic disease management such as diabetes, CHF, COPD, asthma, high blood pressure and much more.

Urgent Care-You may walk in at any time.  We provide stitches, burn and wound care, splinting and casting of broken bones. 
Hospital Care-Dr. Jones provides full-service care at Madison Memorial Hospital.  Oftentimes he can directly admit you to the hospital bypassing the ER, saving you both time and expense.  He provides both standard medical care and ICU care should you require it.
Procedures-We offer EGD, colonoscopy, EKG, spirometry, full skin care, mole and wart removal, biopsy, removal of skin lesions and much more.
Labs-We have in-house labs for your convenience that give us results at the time of your visit.  Our lab can test for rapid strep, influenza, complete blood count, cholesterol, liver function, hemaglobin A1c, and H.pylori.  Larger more complicated panels are taken the same day to Express Lab with results back the next day. 
---Diabetes, Hypertension, CHF, High Cholesterol, Chronic Disease Management, Medication Refills & Management, Physical Exams, Wound Care

32 West 1st South, Rexburg, ID  83440          (208) 356-7585 Call to schedule an appointment.

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